30 Aug - 3 Sep 2016 14+ and adults | Contains strong language.

Tim Crouch and the Royal Court Theatre

Adler & Gibb

Shoot the wounded. Save yourselves.

  • Written and directed by Tim Crouch
  • Co-Directed by Andy Smith and Karl James

Shoot the wounded. Save yourselves.

★★★★ 'Fascinating and thought sparking.' The Stage, Edinburgh Fringe
★★★★ 'A memorable and rewarding show.’ Independent
★★★★ ‘Hilarious, harrowing and maddening interrogation of the value of art. Time Out

First staged at the Royal Court in 2014, this new touring production of Adler & Gibb comes to the Unicorn direct from the Edinburgh Fringe. 

In preparation for a film role an actress seizes the opportunity to dig up the truth in search of authenticity. Her subject is Janet Adler, a celebrated artist who rejected the art world in favour of making work solely for her lover Margaret Gibb. Adler & Gibb tells the story of a raid – on a house, a life, an identity, a reality and a legacy.

From the real to unreal, from fake to true and from theatre to film, the play takes Tim Crouch’s (I, Malvolio; An Oak Tree; Jeramee, Hartleby and Oooglemore) fascination with form and marries it to a compelling story of misappropriation.

Cast includes: Gina Moxley, Cath Whitefield, Mark Edel-Hunt & Jillian Pullara


by Richard Lakos 

Facebook: /AdlerandGibb | Twitter: /@AdlerandGibb | Website: adlerandgibb.com 

Image: Copyright 2013 Paul Koudounaris from his book, Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs, Thames and Hudson Ltd

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An evening performance followed by live music in the foyer and a 3 for 2 offer on craft beer at the bar. 


Join us for a free Q&A session after the 2pm performance on Thu 1 Sep. 

'A drama that calls into question society's attitude to art and artists. In particular, the play challenges the obsession with "authenticity" '

- Herald Scotland

'It’s the kind of play that unspools in your head for days afterwards.'

★★★★ The Stage, Edinburgh Fringe 

'Tim Crouch's theatre combines an intellectual rigour with an emotive power'

- The List, Edinburgh Fringe

'Searching and humane and funny and dark. I urge you all to go.'

Simon Stephens

'It may not be appropriate to call a play bat shit crazy brilliant- but it is!'

★★★★ BritishTheatre

'A deeply rich narrative tale that drips with deeply theorised meaning'

★★★★ TheatreBubble, Edinburgh Fringe 

'Ambitious, abstract play'

★★★★ Fest Mag 

'A really clever play, if a bit dark'

★★★★ Arts Award Voice

'Truly original and exciting'

★★★★ TV Bomb


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  • Rehearsal photos

    Step into the Adler & Gibb rehearsals. Photography by Richard Lakos.