14 Feb - 22 Feb 2020 Age guide: 8+

Family Theatre in February

Make new memories with your children at the Unicorn Theatre this February.

We have two extraordinary shows for families. The Bee in Me is a joyful and demanding show about the power of imagination for ages 8 - 12, and I Cinna (the poet) is a uniquely interactive show about words, action and protest for ages 11+.
If you haven't been here before, we're the UK's leading theatre for young audiences based a short walk from London Bridge station. We have a shop selling hot and cold drinks, healthy snacks and a carefully curated selection of gifts. Our staff are really welcoming and our building is a fun place to visit plus there is plenty to do in the area if you'd like to make a day of it.

Weekend and half term performances are available, with tickets from £6 - £22.


By Roland Schimmelpfennig
Translated by David Tushingham
Directed by Rachel Bagshaw

One ordinary boy living an ordinary life. Every day the same: parents still asleep, late again for school, can’t find his clean trousers. But today is different. Today is a game. Today he has wings.
Fly out of your room. Congratulations! Level two. Get dressed, find breakfast, don’t wake your parents, get to school, reach level three, keep going… Don’t get flattened… Level four…
This exceptional new production is both joyful and demanding, touching on the challenges of urban life for an isolated and neglected child overcoming day-to-day encounters. Full of warmth and sorrow, dreamlike and kaleidoscopic, it celebrates a child discovering inner resources – resilience, determination and imagination – and finding a kind of freedom.

31 Jan - 1 Mar | For ages 8 - 12 | Duration: approx 1 hour 10 mins


Written and performed by Tim Crouch
Directed by Naomi Wirthner

One of the BBC's top 20 unmissable shows in 2020.

The poet Cinna hardly says a word in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar before he’s mistaken for someone else and torn to pieces by an angry mob. He’s Shakespeare’s unluckiest character. Now Cinna searches for the subject of his next poem and invites us, the audience, to write with him, live.

This brilliantly clear introduction to Julius Caesar is a unique and warmly engaging solo show about words and actions, art, protest and power.

Tim Crouch is an internationally renowned playwright and theatre-maker. I, Cinna (the poet) is the fifth play in a series about Shakespeare’s minor characters. Tim’s recent play Beginners premiered at the Unicorn in 2018 and won the Writers’ Guild Award for Best Play for Young Audiences.

★★★★★  ‘A properly grown-up piece of children’s theatre that reaches across the generation’ Time Out on Beginners, 2018

5 - 29 Feb | For ages 11+ | Duration: approx 1 hour



There are plenty of family-friendly restaurants and visitor attractions in and around our local area. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Stroll through (2)
 Potters Field with an impressive view of the iconic (3) Tower of London and Tower Bridge, all just a two-minute walk away. Explore (4) Bermondsey Street's independent shops and restaurants, or head towards the (5) South Bank taking in (6) Borough Market and Tate Modern.

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