24 Jan - 10 Apr 2016

Greek Season at the Unicorn

Watch two clever retellings of well-known Greek myths. 


Sun 24 Jan - Sat 2 Apr
For everyone 8 and over | Duration: Appox 1 hr 

Will the Minotaur or his sister, Ariadne ever escape the labyrinth? Will Theseus defeat the Minotaur? Will Minos learn to love his children? 
A clever and playful retelling of the well-known Greek myth written by Adam Peck (Cinderella: A Fairytale) 


Sun 13 Mar - Sun 10 Apr
For everyone 11 and over | Duration: Appox 1 hr 15 mins 

Telemachus searches for his father, the great Odysseus while defending his legacy and protecting his mother. Odysseus longs to return home after being trapped for years. This timeless Greek myth has been reinvented by extraordinary playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker. 


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