23 Oct - 28 Oct 2018 Age guide: 6 - 12

On The Road

A Laika Production (Belgium)

Find your place in the world.

  • Created and directed by Michai Geyzen
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  • Under 18s: £8 - £14
  • Adults: £12 - £20
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  • Weston Theatre in the Unicorn
Age guide: 6 - 12
Duration: 50 mins

'Fantastic show. Laughed loads. Very profound also even for adults, about life and living with others.' Audience feedback

What is home? Is it a feeling, a building, a smell, or anywhere your suitcase is?

With infectious energy, four characters playfully tell us their story of finding home.
This wordless, highly visual show uses live music and raucous physical comedy to explore our universal need to belong. Performed by three dancers and a musician, this show, by acclaimed Belgian company Laika, is an extremely funny and poignant half-term treat. 

Photos by 
Kathleen Michiels


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Family & Friends offer: Buy 4 tickets and save 15% (must include 1 adult / child ticket and excludes other offers). 

Audience Feedback

'My 73 year old husband was laughing out loud in a way he rarely does at productions (so was I) while the youngest children in the audience were too. '

'Absolutely loved the show! The fact that it's so visual and physical is amazing and the humour and emotions entice both kids and adults.'

'Nothing better than hearing an auditorium full of kids laughing at four guys trying to steal each other's suitcases, shouting 'wow' in amazement when someone jumps into someone else's arms or when a house suddenly appears and getting very quiet when one of the new friends has to leave.'

'Funny, moving, great message about being better together (perfect pre-Brexit) excellent actors.'


'Without words but with physical playfulness and endearingly bewildered faces, they convey the fear of the unknown in the most impressive manner.' De Bond


This is a deaf friendly show. 

Creative Team

Created and Directed by Michai Geyzen
Show image by Kathleen Michiels


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