20 Jun - 24 Jul 2017

Run Unicorn

We believe that every child deserves the same access to inspiring and creative experiences.

'Children are not the future. They are the present. They’re actually here, now. Let’s start making better art on that basis.'
Purni Morell, Artistic Director

RUN UNICORN is our campaign to raise much needed funds that help children and families from our local area and beyond. From supporting young mums to confidently and creatively engage with their babies to running drama-based workshops for marginalised groups, we see, day in, day out, that our work has a positive impact on children's lives.

Family Nurse, Amy Bucknell tells us why she is is a supporter of one of our community projects: 'I am a real champion of the Creative Young Mums programme as I have seen first-hand the benefits and, most importantly, the joy it brings to young mothers and their babies.' Read the full case study on our new Tumblr page.

We don't often ask you for help - but this time we need you to help us make this happen. Please donate today - every donation, even just £1, will make a difference and help us to reach target of £30,000 by the 24 July. 

To raise the funds needed we have created an inspiring running team to take on the Standard Chartered City Race on the 24 July. 

Actor Julian Rhind-Tutt will join a team of runners: six runners from our sponsors PwC, Unicorn Parent Ambassador Georgette Purdey, Usher DJ Hassan and General Manager Luisa Hinchliff. 

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Unicorn Board Member Agnes Quashie introduces her #rununicorn PwC team

Meet the team of PwC Runners who are joining our #rununicorn team.

#rununicorn Tumblr

Head to our Tumblr site for updates from the runners and to find out more about why we need your help. unicorntheatre.tumblr.com/


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