28 Oct - 29 Oct 2014 For 8 - 12s only

Presented by Dance Umbrella and Unicorn Theatre

Triple Bill

Dance umbrella comes to the Unicorn.

Dance umbrella comes to the Unicorn.

The Unicorn and Dance Umbrella join forces for an exciting new mixed bill of award-winning, international dance for under 12s - and only under 12s! This show is not open to adults.

Three exceptional dance performances choreographed by Wayne McGregor, Hege Haagenrud Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang - each with a distinctive style and all visually stunning - come to the Unicorn in this event. This is dance at its best.

There will be three performances only. Adults / over 12s will be admitted into the matinee performance on 28 Oct; all evening performances will be for under 12s exclusively. Parents, carers and older siblings are invited to take part in a range of foyer activities devised by Comber Grove Primary School while their children are watching the performances upstairs.


How to be Alone by Hege Haagenrud

Hege Haagenrud is the most performed choreographer for young audiences in Norway. In this trio she uses text as well as movement to consider the ups and downs of friendship.

AP15 by Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang (Germany)
An inventive hip hop duet full of combative energy - an international hit, this duet was recently awarded a Bessie award in New York.

FAR by Wayne McGregor | Random Dance (UK)
A resident choreographer of the Royal Ballet, whose company is resident at Sadler's Wells, Wayne McGregor is known for his thrilling, fast and athletic style, as this piece will reveal.

Triple Bill is part of Dance Umbrella Festival 2014.

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Why have we banned the adults?

‘There’s so much that’s done where there’s age restriction is upwards and I just liked the idea of flipping it.... It’s a nice way of looking at it differently. Especially as the programme is made for the children that are coming, it should be as good as any adult would want to see but actually you can only see it as a child.’ 
Emma Gladstone, Artistic Director & Chief Executive, Dance Umbrella 

'We don’t like thinking of work for children as preparation for what those people are going to watch when they’re adults… and if you follow that to its logical conclusion and you say it’s all about the thing that’s happening in the room, between the audience and the performers, and the audience happen to be children. And it follows that the best way to achieve that, purely, is to remove all of the adults completely.’ 
Purni Morell, Artistic Director, Unicorn Theatre

Our young audience members will be looked after by our friendly Front of House team and the Triple Bill compere, Peter Laycock - a freelance dance artist who has worked extensively in a wide variety of educational and community settings across the UK. In the meantime, adults will be invited to enjoy an installation in our foyer, part-curated by Comber Grove Primary School.

Watch a short documentary about the making of the foyer activities.


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