23 Mar - 24 Mar 2018 Age guide: 11 - adult

By the Unicorn Young Company

Version A

Imagine A World You Want.

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Age guide: 11 - adult Duration: 50 mins

Imagine A World You Want.

Imagine if the world we lived in weren’t the real world we live in but a version of it, a version that could be changed, adapted, improved, analysed, made better as we went along…

School, work, school, exams, work, drama classes, ballet classes, bus journeys, school, careers advice, school, job interviews, business suits, advertising, exams, mocks, school – where does it all come from? Who thinks all this stuff up anyway? Because it wasn’t us.

The Unicorn Young Company returns following last year’s hugely successful Big Love with a show that’s about everything and nothing – part conversation, part performance, part paean, we ask: when you look at what’s really happening, how do you know what it really is?

Tickets to Version A are Pay What You Can. All proceeds go directly to the Young Company’s work next year.

Unicorn Young Company

This production is created by the Unicorn's Young Company, an entirely self-run company whose members collectively decide on the kind of theatre they want to create, what they want to say about the world and who they want to work with. The company is open to all young people aged 13 - 19 - to find out more and to join the member waiting list, visit the Young Company webpage.

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