29 Mar - 19 Apr 2014 For ages 8+

A Unicorn production

At the End of everything else

Flap your wings! Together we can do this...

  • Written and directed by Mark Arends
  • Animation by John Horabin
  • Engineering by Electric Pedals

Flap your wings! Together we can do this...

When her best friend, a little yellow bird named Tito, goes missing, Icka puts her inventive mind to the test and sets off on a mission over land and sea to save him. But nothing can prepare her for what she finds – a problem that she is unable to fix alone.

Performed with puppetry, animation, music, sound and only the collective energy of the team on stage to generate all the power needed for the show, At the End of Everything Else was the second show by Mark Arends, writer/director of award-winning Something Very Far Away.

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'This delicate and imaginative tale tackles pollution with eco power.'


'A bright idea, indeed, to spark enthusiasm in an audience'


'A piece of excellent storytelling.... beautifully done and the young primary school children with whom I saw it were enraptured.'

British Theatre Guide

'visually stimulating, charming production with an original take on saving the planet.'

A Younger Theatre

'It is the kind of event about which its audience will be proud to announce “I was there”.' ★★★★★

Plays to See

'It’s a good, original, thought-provoking show for the young, with a pleasing mix of fantasy and urban reality, and some excellent animation, live and filmed.'

Animations Online

'At the End of Everything Else is a powerful story with a creative concept wonderfully realised on stage.'

Curious Mum

'There is much that is lovely here, not least the way you see the animation created with cardboard cutouts.'


'It is one of the most beautiful shows this season and should not be missed' ★★★★★

South London Press


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