19 Nov - 23 Nov 2013

A Synergy / Unicorn co-production


Protect your loved ones, whatever the cost.

  • By Inua Ellams
  • Directed by Esther Baker

Protect your loved ones, whatever the cost.

It’s a simple idea, really.

1. Wear a uniform
2. Protect who you love, what you care about
3. Let nothing get in your way

Someone mugged Bruce’s mum and he is not having it. The shock is still visible in her trembling fingers, rippling out across the calm waters of their lives. He grabs his hoodie, his uniform, his cape and goes out to find the culprit. Smithy wants everyone to stay inside, Uhuru wants everyone out. Tanya thinks it’s boyish fun and games until, very suddenly, it isn’t.

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