Unicorn Community

Our doors are open to people from every corner of London.


As the UK's leading theatre for family audiences, we work hard to ensure that our doors are open to everyone, and that our building represents the diverse and tolerant city we want to live in.


Connecting artists with communities throughout the year, we actively seek out partners in the community, marginalised groups, groups with additional needs, people who couldn’t otherwise afford to attend our shows, or those who are yet to discover that theatre welcomes them. It might even be fun. And all these projects are created in direct response to the needs and interests of each group.

We do this by working closely with gatekeeper organisations, agencies and local authority departments to name but a few. We also commit thousands of free theatre tickets each year to new visitors and to support our community programmes.  Here is some of what we’ve been up to.

To find out more, talk to us at community@unicorntheatre.com.

Open Access Workshop Programme

This programme finds creative ways of unlocking the work on our stages for specific audiences and helps to develop lasting relationships with new friends. Workshops take place at the Unicorn and are often run by the artists working on our productions. Since 2016 we have delivered tailor-made workshops to disabled children and their families through partnership work with Scope, to young carers through a partnership with Family Action, and to groups of young people from a range of challenging backgrounds. This year we’ll be working with children in care and organisation Young Roots to support young refugees and migrants. 

Unicorn Young Creators

We support creative young people from all kinds of backgrounds to give voice and opportunity to different perspectives, new ideas and unique stories. Our Young Creators are young people aged 7-23 who have previously taken part in one of our community projects and want to continue to develop their talent with us. These activities nurture creative potential and offer supported pathways. They offer free theatre-based workshops and projects, performance opportunities, and regular invitations to see our shows and celebrate with us at press nights. 

In 2015 we piloted Urban Arts Week – a free week-long series of creative workshops for aspiring young teenagers – and some are now Unicorn Young Creators. Watch the video to find out what we did:

Resident Project: Creative Young Mums

From year to year we look for new partnerships with groups who will benefit from a long term relationship with us.

In 2017, we are working closely with local agencies and the Family Nurse Partnership to support a group of local Young Mums and their babies. Our bespoke programme provides a welcoming and informal weekly social group where they can meet other young parents, build their confidence, and explore their own and their baby’s creative development through fun, artist-led workshops, and try out our shows for free.

Since April 2016, we have already worked with around 40 mums aged between 15 – 23 from Southwark and Lambeth. If you are an organisation wanting to refer a young mum, please get in touch. Find out more

'The Creative Young Mums programme has been life-changing in terms of helping me bond with my son; it’s been comforting, it’s been amazing, every week I leave having learnt something new.'  

'It was really great seeing the Baby Show with my daughter through the Creative Young Mums programme. I never even knew the Unicorn existed.'

Unicorn Local

We’re always on the lookout for opportunities to join forces with local communities. Some of our theatre projects take place at the heart of a community – on housing estates, in community halls, and beyond. Unicorn Local connects us with young people who don’t usually get the opportunity to participate in arts activity. 

Over the last year we have worked with a group of 16 children aged 8 - 11 from the Tabard Gardens estate and neighbouring council estates in Borough. As well as taking part in free weekly theatre-making sessions, they’ve performed their own shows for family and friends, and watched Unicorn shows throughout the year with their families. 

‘It feels lovely to be part of an estate community where the families can feel proud of where we live and who we are – proud to feel connected in a special way to the Unicorn Theatre.’ Tabard Gardens Parent, 2016

Free Saturday Activities

Back at the Unicorn, we run regular free Saturday crafts and activities for all families as part of our Saturday UP Club programme.
Find out more.