About Attack of the Wolfdogs

Created by Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari
With Nicola T. Chang

It’s time to seek out the secrets of Southwark and we need your help! Experience our brand new, free, self-guided audio adventure which begins outside the Unicorn Theatre and takes in the river and old cobbled streets of Shad Thames.

Join your audio guides as together you try to save the city. You’ll need to sneak past frightening Wolfdogs, listen out for the Bears, get ready to battle the Shapeshifters... keep your eyes peeled and prepare to think on your feet, because danger is all around you.

Our brilliantly imaginative, interactive experience uses binaural soundscapes and sinister audio effects to take children and adults on a thrilling, fun adventure. All you need is an audio device each, such a phone or an MP3 player, and your own set of headphones.

Remember on this walk, nothing is quite as it seems...

Read our guide below about how to take part in Attack of the Wolfdogs.

Stream or download the adventure


Attack of the Wolfdogs is a binaural theatrical audio experience.

You start your adventure outside the Unicorn Theatre at the silver bollards, by the sign that says Fire Station Square.

Here's some guidance for you to help ensure you have the best experience:

To take part everyone in your group will need a portable device that can play an audio track, and a pair of headphones.

  • The experience is best using in-ear headphones, however if younger children have trouble keeping these in their ears then please use whatever they are most comfortable with.
  • The tour is quite active so headphone splitters are not advisable.
  • Set the volume on childrens' headphones before you begin.
  • For the best experience, please make sure your whole group start the audio at exactly the same time.

No booking is required, simply stream or download the free audio adventure onto a phone or tablet.

  • We recommend downloading the file ahead of time while connected to WiFi to avoid it cutting out during the experience (downloading is also three times more carbon efficient than streaming on your mobile data).
  • If you are streaming the audio, then please turn off WiFi and stream on 4G data.
  • Make sure your devices are fully charged.
  • Before you start please go to settings and put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Then scroll to ‘Silence’ and press ‘Always’, scroll to ‘Phone allow calls from – No One’ and for repeated calls press OFF. This will prevent your experience being interrupted.
  • Once started you should all turn your screens off to prevent accidental pauses.

The audio route is entirely outdoors, and will involve being near busy roads and walking through busy areas.

  • Please wear appropriate outdoor clothes for the weather and footwear for a gentle 45 minute walk.
  • Please stay aware of your surroundings and prioritise the safety of your group at all times.
  • The entire route is wheelchair accessible.

The full map of the audio adventure is available to view here.

  • The audio tour experience guides you through the route so you don’t need to look at the map while you are walking, however you may find it helpful to get a sense of the route ahead of the tour or find your place if you need to stop and start.

Good luck and have fun!


  • Amaarah Roze
  • Nigel Barrett
  • Rohan Gotobed
  • Louise Mari
  • Nicola T. Chang
  • Ndabane Makukula
  • Nikunj Gupta
  • Ada Yarar
  • Kanako Nakano
  • Guy Hargeaves
  • Miranda Hamill
  • Gaetano Borgia
  • Southwark & Lambeth Young Carers

Creative Team

  • Created by Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari with Nicola T. Chang
  • Sound Designer Nicola T. Chang
  • Assistant Director and Dramaturg Rohan Gotobed
  • Sound Consultants Ben and Max Ringham