About Story Seekers

A free online storytelling project for primary schools

Story Seekers... We need your help!

In the year 2020 the world changed. The pandemic swept across the planet and everything locked down. People forgot how to dream. They forgot how to create.

Join Story Seeker Command on their mission to find, tell and share important stories from across the globe.

About the project

This free six-week creative literacy project for School Years 4 - 6 is in partnership with the National Theatre. It includes filmed theatre performances directed by Unicorn Artistic Director Justin Audibert to guide pupils through the quest, workshops and performances by professional storytellers and training and resources to support teachers to lead the project.

Story Seekers, available to state schools in the UK, focuses on supporting children to develop their communication and language skills post-pandemic, promoting self-expression and well-being. The project also supports teachers to reconnect children with learning and their school community in a fun and creative way.


Story Seekers is offered on a termly basis. Booking closes for the Spring Term at 10pm on Friday 10 February 2022

To book your place, visit the National Theatre website.