9 Dec - 4 Jan 2015 For ages 6 - 18 months

A Unicorn and Theatr Iolo production (in association with Sarah Argent)


It's Baby's First Christmas.

  • Created Sarah Argent and Kevin Lewis
  • Performed by Kevin Lewis

It's Baby's First Christmas.

Please note that this show completed its run on 4 January 2015. 

There's snow on the ground and lights in the tree, then scrunch, scrunch, scrunch... footsteps on the path - who can it be?

Ding, dong. Doorbell rings and there's a present for baby, not to be opened until Christmas Day. The paper's exciting - scrunch it, rumple it, crumple it... what can it be?!

An engaging and sensory show for babies aged 6 - 18 months (and their grown-ups) this Christmas.

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Travel warning: London Bridge services

From 20 December there will be major changes to overground train journeys going through London Bridge station - some services will not stop at London Bridge. Please ensure you check the Thameslink Programme website and plan your journey in advance.

Tickets £10

Covers one child and one adult, additional adult tickets £5
(Please contact Box Office on 020 7645 0560)


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