1 Oct 2015 For ages 14+

The Vanishing Man

A scratch performance

This is the story of a magic trick: the greatest one ever performed.

  • by David Aula and Simon Evans

"I've been able to work out, deconstruct and rebuild every trick I've ever seen. Except this one.”  

Hugo Seda was an Edwardian magician known as "The Vanishing Man"; he created the perfect trick and then disappeared forever, but his story lives on…  

Directors and performers Simon Evans (also a long time magician and magical consultant) and David Aula, team up to create a time-hopping, misdirection-abusing, mind-bending examination of what really happens when a man, in full sight of his audience, simply ceases to be. 
This is a show about magic. But it’s not a magic show.  

Simon directed Hannah for the Unicorn Theatre last year and recently teamed up with David to performance direct Secret Cinema’s Shawshank Redemption.

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