About Huddle

Slide into Christmas

During the long, cold winter, Mr Penguin carefully guards his egg. Now this new dad needs to look after his newly born chick on his own and he’s not feeling confident. How will father and baby work it out together?

Combining playful and innovative projections and sound, Filskit Theatre’s gorgeous, engaging and highly visual show returns to the Unicorn after a sold-out run in 2018. This is a heart-warming tale about a child and parent learning how to thrive despite all the odds.

A Unicorn and Filskit Theatre co-production.


Fri 22 Nov – Tue 31 Dec

Under 18s £14.50 - £22.50 / Adults £18.50 - £28.50
Previews: Under 18s from £14.50 / Adults from £18.50

Creative Team

  • Created by Katy Costigan, Victoria Dyson and Sarah Shephard