About Us

Transforming young lives through theatre.

We create innovative productions that encourage children to question and explore the world.
We creatively collaborate with children in schools and communities.
We make our work as available as possible.
We are reducing our impact on the planet.
We believe in equality, diversity and inclusion.

We offer innovative and thrilling theatre experiences for children aged up to 13, producing and presenting new shows alongside adaptations of classic texts. We are the largest children’s theatre in the UK, welcoming 65,000 families and schools to our venue every year, and thousands more through our new Unicorn Online programme of free digital theatre experiences.

We offer subsidy to groups to enable them to attend where needed, and make our work with the values of curiosity, respect and courage, partnering with schools from our local boroughs and community groups from across London to ensure that young people have a voice in shaping our shows.

We believe that young people of all ages, perspectives and abilities have the right to experience exciting, entertaining and inspiring work - we want all children to experience our theatre and actively seek out children who wouldn’t otherwise attend. We maintain a strong commitment to representing diversity in our audiences, as well as on our stages, and we prioritise accessibility and inclusion across our organisation.