Funded Tickets

The Unicorn’s doors are open to all children across London and beyond with tickets priced accessibly across the season, with multiple price points. The Creative Hub team work to ensure that the Unicorn is accessible to the children and families who live the closest to us.

Local Funded Tickets

We work with our partner schools and community partners to provide fully funded tickets to local families who might not otherwise have access to the theatre. Please contact to find out more.
These tickets are generously supported by the Buffini Chao Foundation and the John Thaw Foundation.

School Subsidies

Each year we provide 9,000 fully funded or subsidised tickets to schools who couldn’t otherwise afford a theatre trip for their pupils. For more information about subsidy for schools please contact

Our Subsidised Schools Tickets Programme is generously supported by Sir Harvey and Lady McGrath.

“We can't overstate the difference this makes to our families, particularly our most vulnerable families who are living in extreme poverty, challenging circumstances or who are working with children's services/social care”
Loughborough Primary Headteacher

“Since the start of the partnership, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen is in our pupils increased cultural capital- more of our children are regularly going to the theatre.”
Hermitage Primary SLT