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We are the UK's leading theatre for young audiences and we make shows that challenge, motivate and inspire. As we are currently closed to the public due the pandemic, we are continuing to offer young people theatre through our digital programme, Unicorn Online.

Free online theatre

Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales

Watch for free on YouTube from 5 Oct 2020 - 21 Feb 2021 | For Years 4 - 7

Adapted by Philip Pullman (His Dark Materials), we’re thrilled to present a deliciously gruesome selection of six theatrical readings from Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales, re-told by an extraordinary cast. Find out more.

The tales are accompanied by resources created in consultation with clinical psychologist Dr Sarah Wassall, to address periods of transition, change and adaptation for Year 7 pupils. View Grimms learning programme.


Free Resources

Year 7 Project Grimm Tales resources - available until 21 Feb 2021

The resources use the story 'Hansel and Gretel' as a stimulus for students' own exploration. Resources include short videos with the the company in which they talk about their roles, and set students creative tasks.

These activities have been informed by existing evidence based practice drawn from narrative therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, collective trauma, and educational psychology theories regarding metacognition.

Visit our Grimms Learning page to access the learning videos that accompany this pack.

All of our past resources for teachers are available on our Issuu page.

Free CPD

We offer free CPD training for teachers in conjunction with our productions throughout the year - check back for more CPD announcements in the future. Though our CPD session for the Grimm Tales Online Year 7 Project has passed, you can still access our resources to use with your students until 21 Feb 2021.
‘The impact of the CPD has been amazing. It has enabled me to develop my drama skills in a way which is inclusive, enjoyable and above all, a way of maximising learning.’ Teacher, 2016


‘The CPD was incredibly useful. Just having the space to think about the themes and best ways of presenting them is a luxury. All the fantastic activities presented make it so easy to build into the term and to get the most of the experience.’
‘Love, love, love your cpd and your resources. I'll be fighting to protect these trips in the face of budget cuts.’ 
‘One of the best quality courses I have ever been on. I do not come from a theatrical background but I found the activities amazing – accessing parts of my brain that aren’t normally used. It has really helped to improve my confidence in general.’ 
‘The impact of the CPD training has been amazing. as a teacher, it has enabled me to develop my skills teaching drama in a way which is inclusive, enjoyable and above all, a way of maximising learning.’ 

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