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  • Unicorn Theatre
  • 147 Tooley St, London
  • SE1 2HZ

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Our foyer (and Box Office) is open: Monday - Saturday, 9.30am - 6pm.

We stay open later than 6pm when there is an evening performance and are open on Sundays when there is a show (opening times vary).

Tickets can be purchased online anytime. If you have any enquiries about our security measures, booking, or visiting the theatre, then please visit our 'About Your Visit' page, email or call 020 7645 0560 and leave a message so we can get back to you as soon as possible. 


Directors' Office

020 7645 0512 |

  • Purni Morell
  • Anneliese Davidsen
  • Niamh Dilworth
  • Luisa Hinchliff
  • Hattie Davis
  • Erhire Okpomo
  • Catherine Greenwood
  • Sally Pembroke


020 7645 0527 |

  • Tamzin Golding
  • Caroline Clark
  • Chloe Booth
  • Zoe Bennett


020 7645 0545 |

  • Helen Tovey
  • Sair Smith
  • Ella MacFadyen
  • Yasmin Joseph
  • Jane Dodson
  • Jessica Young
  • Mal Chudzinska
  • Rhys Evans
  • Victoria Gdula, James Barker
  • Clióna Roberts, CRPR
  • John Cockerill, Joseph Winer
  • Alicia Walker, Amy Millward, Carole Mitchell, Cecilia Morgan, Chay Hamilton, Damien Noyce, Dwaynica Greaves, Gary Sheldrake, Georgia Hardcastle, Henry Reynolds, Housni Hassan, Isobel Tyrrell, Isobel Walker, Jackie Downer, Louise de Froment, Malika Quintyne, Matthew Newell, Oliver Gatz, Paula Shaw, Robert Pearce, Ruby Carr, Sacha Tiotto-Smith, Salomé Lambermont, Sarah King, Sierra Sevilla
  • Chantelle Burley, James Chamberlain, John Cockerill, Grace Courtney, Tiffany Murphy, Sarah Vickery


020 7645 0500 |

  • Matt Ledbury
  • Sarah Julie Pujol
  • Adam Pearson
  • Liz Lawson
  • Rob Johnson, Kevin Bolt, Holly Curtis, Alfie Leigh
  • Paul Brewster, John Cockerill, Nadia Giscir, Jessica Hayles, Anna Johnson, Lyn Medcalf, Claire Sundin, Emma Thomson, Clare Quinn