About The Odyssey

It's a really really really long journey.

Telemachus was just a baby when his dad Odysseus left to fight in the Trojan War. Now he’s almost grown he sets off on a quest to find him, even if his mum is not convinced. Luckily he has the muses - and some great tunes - to guide him on his heroic journey.

This Easter, join Telemachus on an epic adventure through stormy seas and strange lands, filled with mystical creatures, dangerous monsters and enchanting sirens - plus two talking sheep - and discover what really makes a true hero.

With an unforgettable 60s soul and pop-inspired score by Naomi Hammerton, this fun, musical re-telling of Homer’s classic story is adapted by Nina Segal and directed by Jennifer Tang.

A Unicorn Production


Sun 17 Mar – Sun 21 Apr

Under 18s £10.50 - £15.50 / Adults £13.50 - £21.50

Previews: Under 18s from £10.50 / Adults from £13.50

Creative Team

  • Written by Nina Segal
  • Lyrics by Nina Segal
  • Music and arrangements by Naomi Hammerton
  • Directed by Jennifer Tang