About Squirrel

Squirrel loves a good acorn.

But not all acorns are good. Some are downright second rate.

And Squirrel is fussy like that.

Under the light of the sun, between the houses and the offices, and the rivers and the factories, Squirrel has buried their favourite acorn collection.

It’s easy to remember where; it’s under the third tree from the left.

Or was it the right? Oh hang on a minute…

An Egg Production

5 Stars

An irresistible treat for under-fives

The Guardian


Sat 27 May – Sun 2 Jul 2023

Under 18s £11 - £13 / Adults £16 - £18

Previews: Under 18s from £8 / Adults from £11

Creative Team

  • Written by Kate Cross and Tim Bell in co-creation with Caroline Garland and the company
  • Directed by Tim Bell
  • Designed by Anisha Fields
  • Sound design by Dinah Mullen
  • Puppetry Direction by Marc Parrett
  • Lighting Design by Dave Treanor