About The Invisible Man

Now you see me...

A stage technician and a musician are waiting to start their show. Everything is in place, and the audience is waiting, but where is the performer?

Imagine how much fun you can have when no one can see you. Now The Invisible Man invites you to take a seat and watch... well... no-one really.

Created in the Netherlands by highly acclaimed, mischievous theatre-makers Theater Artemis (The Show in Which Hopefully Nothing Happens) this surreal and hilarious show is all about everything that you don’t see.

Supported by Performing Arts Fund NL


Sun 28 May to Sun 18 Jun

Under 18s £9 - £17 / Adults £15 - £25.5

4 Stars

What a treat. A continuous, terrific game of hide and seek.


4 Stars

The roar of applause is well-deserved.

De volkskrant

The invisible man? Well, he really is invisible. There’s no tricks or anything. He’s just real!”

Fenna, aged 5


  • Marijn Brussaard
  • René Groothof
  • Kim Karssen

Creative Team

  • Directed by Jetse Batelaan
  • Music by Keimpe de Jong
  • Costumes by Liesbet Swings
  • Lighting Design by Bart van den Heuve
  • Scenography by Jetse Batelaan
  • Scenography Assistant Eva Koopmans