About The Tempest

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‘A lovely introduction to Shakespeare' The Guardian

'Sweet, endearing, imaginative, family-friendly, light-hearted, colourful, comedy' BroadwayBaby

When the sorcerer Prospero conjures up a storm to shipwreck his enemies, he sets the scene for an enchanting tale of spells, monsters, revenge and romance.

The Tempest reimagined for everyone aged six and over brings Shakespeare's text thrillingly to life for younger audiences.

A Unicorn co-production with Regent's Park Open Air Theatre


Tue 19 Sep – Sun 15 Oct

Under 18s £18 - £20 / Adults £23.50 - £25.50


  • Juliet Agnes

  • Ashley D Gayle

  • Alice Keedwell

  • Finlay McGuigan

  • Daisy Prosper

  • Mark Theodore


Creative Team

  • Revised and directed by Jennifer Tang
  • Composer and Lyricist Harry Blake
  • Illusion Designer John Bulleid
  • Movement Director Annie-Lunnette Deakin-Foster
  • Sound Designer Tingying Dong
  • Associate Set Designer Mauricio Elorriaga
  • Casting Director Lotte Hines
  • Assistant Director Cory Hippolyte
  • Intimacy Support Ingrid Mackinnon
  • Physical Comedy Consultant Petra Massey
  • Voice & Text Director Jeannette Nelson
  • Lighting Designer Azusa Ono
  • Costume Designer E.M Parry
  • Set Designer Chiara Stephenson
  • Verse & Language Consultant Giles Taylor
  • Associate Set Designer Olivia Walters
  • Creative Associates Asmiyah, Chelsea, Daniel, Dre, Jayda, Johnny, Lakshmi, Nailah, Oliver, Rhema, Stephanie, Tiwaloluwa