About Toto Kerblammo!

See with your ears

Poor Effy. Sent to live with her aunt and uncle in a block that won’t allow dogs. What’s a girl to do? She smuggles her furry friend in, of course. Keeps him under a blanket. Feeds him biscuits. Ssh Toto, quiet.

But it can’t last forever. Effy needs saving. And Toto is up to the task.

Tim Crouch’s immersive new play is a tender and powerful story about listening, friendship and finding hope in the darkest of places.

Wearing headphones, the audience will experience Effy’s world through 3D binaural audio technology. Immerse yourself in a compelling live mix of sound and action, and discover the sound of things you never knew had sounds…

‘One of the most important writers and theatre makers in the UK’ (The Stage), Tim Crouch (Beginners) brings his signature blend of thought-provoking and experimental theatre to the Unicorn.

A Unicorn production.

This production is generously supported by The Thistle Trust in celebration of their 20th anniversary, and Molecule Theatre.


Sun 6 Oct – Sun 3 Nov

Under 18s £12.50 - £16.50 / Adults £12.50 - £19.50
Previews: Under 18s from £12.50 / Adults from £12.50

Creative Team

  • Written and Directed by Tim Crouch