Kabinet K (Belgium) presents


  • Choreography by Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven
  • Live music by Thomas Devos

Raw is a dance piece about playing, dreaming and pretending.

It’s about being a child, which can be difficult. It’s about growing up in a world that’s too huge and chaotic to fully comprehend. And it’s about the grown-ups who look after us who are distant and seem unfathomable.

Kabinet K come to London for the first time with this energetic and extraordinary dance piece, performed by children and adults, in which we look unflinchingly at what the world looks like through the other’s eyes.

Raw is for adults and children over 10.

About Kabinet K

Kabinet K come to London for the first time with this unique production. Founded and run by Belgian choreographers Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven, their interest lies in the spark that happens when untrained bodies create alongside professional performers. In Raw, children and adults work side by side as equal artistic partners.