13 Jun 2015 This event is suitable for everyone who loves the book.

The Big Wild Rumpus

A Random House and Wild Rumpus event

Roar your terrible roars to celebrate the book Where the Wild Things Are.

This event is free - just turn up on the day!
This event is suitable for everyone who loves the book.
Duration: 10.30am - 2.30pm

We're celebrating our love of Where The Wild Things Are by taking part in the Big Wild Rumpus 2015. 

Rise up, lovers of Where the Wild Things Are, and celebrate your love of the book by coming together on 13th June at 11am to read the book aloud together, lead by Evelyn Adams and Charly Webber. Dress up, roar your terrible roars, gnash your terrible teeth, and come together for the most Wild Rumpus of all. The reading will last approximately 25 mins and will be followed by free Crown Crafts and Monster Mess events in the foyer.

The Big Wild Rumpus is a national event that will be taking place in villages, towns or cities, woodlands, libraries and galleries across the land. It's about bringing people together to engage with literature in unusual, imaginative and sociable ways. Random House Children’s publishers, and outdoor family arts organisers Wild Rumpus, are running the campaign collaboratively and encouraging as many people to take part in the readings as possible. The Big Wild Rumpus hopes to unite communities and remind us that inside all of us is a wild thing. 

Visit The Big Wild Rumpus website to find out more.

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Photography notice

Please note that a photographer will be taking photos during the event for promotional and archive purposes. 


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