The Unicorn Theatre declares a Climate Emergency

At the Unicorn, we try to take responsibility for our choices – for the work on our stages, for our practices and processes, for our effect on the world.  So in recent years, we have worked hard to improve our organisational environmental sustainability. 
But in October 2018, the International Panel on Climate Change reported that we only have 12 years to change how we live, globally.  Extreme weather events are changing the world and destroying lives.
If all of us take fast and drastic action within our own sphere of influence, making changes in our behaviours, we can meet climate goals.  The need to take action is more urgent than ever and here at the Unicorn, we know we need to do more, faster.
The Unicorn joins many other arts and cultural organisations in declaring a Climate Emergency.  We want to commit a response to this global crisis across all areas of our work.
Here are our commitments.
In our own work, we will continue to take environmental action across our building and operations – through our recycling, reusing and repurposing, through our merchandise and café activities, through our productions, and through our choices of energy suppliers and product providers – and we will continue to imagine new and better ways to work.
In our stakeholder and external relationships, we will support our community, our governing bodies, our national and international partners to tackle the emergency, to advocate for change, to speak out for the climate emergency.
In our relationships with our audiences, we will listen to and engage with young people to try to respond to their knowledge, their questions, and their demands.
In the wider community, we will advocate for and celebrate democracy and social justice wherever we can across political parties, civic institutions, points of view, and communities large and small.
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