About Scrunch

It's Baby's First Christmas

Created by Sarah Argent and Kevin Lewis

4 Stars

WhatsOnStage (2014)

This gorgeous, sensory show from the makers of our highly successful, long-running Baby Show returns to delight babies and parents alike this festive season.

As you sit together in our cosy space, share in your baby’s excitement at the building anticipation of Christmas Day and all things present-related – including the very best bit: crumpling, rumpling and scrunching that wrapping paper!

At the end of the show there is a chance to play and dance together in the space.

Credit: Photos by Alicia Clarke

About your visit

Head to our helpful FAQ page for more information about the show and our family-friendly venue and facilities.


Tickets can be purchased in groups of 2 or 3 (1 baby + 1 adult, or 1 baby + 2 adults).

We’re using a socially-distanced reserved seating plan which means all groups are spaced apart from each other.

We have two rows of floor seating and one row of bench seating for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor. When booking, you can select where you would like to sit on the seating map.

Performance times:
Tue - Sun 9.45am, 11.45am, 1.45pm

Ticket prices:
1 adult + 1 baby: £12 / £14 for mid-morning and weekend performances (floor seating)
2 adults + 1 baby: £17 / £19 for mid-morning and weekend performances (bench seating and end of row floor seating)


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  • Kevin Lewis

Creative Team

  • Created by Sarah Argent & Kevin Lewis
  • Set Design by Jennifer Taillefer for Unicorn Theatre