Our bright and spacious foyer can be hired as a stand-alone space. It’s perfect for drinks receptions, networking sessions, panel discussions and product launches.

Availability is limited and dependent on our own show times; you will find the best availability to be on Mondays and weekday evenings. The foyer is best suited to groups of around 100 people, but for a standing reception with minimal furniture it can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Our team can assist with your guest list, and serve hot, cold and alcoholic drinks from a reception table. If you’d like food to be served, we can offer a list of local suppliers. A prep kitchen space is available for external caterers to use if required.

A speaker system in the foyer allows a playlist of your choice to welcome your guests. Additional staging, lighting, mics and seating can be arranged on request. The terms of our Premises Licence allow music to be played until 11pm, and alcohol to be served until midnight.

  • Foyer size: An L-shaped space 7m x 22m (long side, main area) and 6m x 9m (short side).
  • Capacity: Up to 200.
  • Access: External landscaped ramp offers level access to our main Foyer doors. A lift offers level access to our basement toilets, which include an accessible cubicle, and a Parent and Baby room.
  • Price: £200 per hour + VAT (minimum 4 hours)
  • A Technician, Duty Manager and Front of House staff are included with your booking.