About The Princess and The Pea

A classic fairy-tale reimagined

In a lavish Palace there lives a pampered Princess who has everything her heart desires. Each day, three loyal servants attend to her every wish and whim. But one dark and stormy night, she ventures beyond her Palace walls and everything changes…

Breathtaking acrobatics, clowning, and fairy-tale adventure combine in this funny and playful remix of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story.

A Unicorn co-production with New Vic Theatre and leading contemporary circus company Upswing.


Fri 17 May - Sun 16 June

Under 18s £7 - £18.50 / Adults £10.50 - £26.50

Creative Team

  • Adapted by Theresa Heskins
  • Directed by Vicki Dela Amedume and Theresa Heskins