Unicorn Green Policy

We made our Climate Declaration in 2019 and are working hard to try out new ideas and approaches that reduce our impact on the planet. We are on a journey and are seeing some great results - but there is always more to do.

In the last few years we have: reduced our water consumption by 35% since our baseline year (2018-19 compared to 2012-13), reduced our energy use related emissions significantly, switched to a fully renewable electricity supply in April 2019, and, for the last three years, have consistently recycled between 50% and 60% of our waste.

Greening our Productions

Our latest commitment is around our shows – we have created a guidance document for creative teams that outlines the ways in which show sets and props can be built and sourced with a sustainable ethos at its heart. We know that the enthusiasm to work to a higher sustainable standard is there, and we know that these strong guidelines will give people a framework to achieve it.

Our approach in a nutshell: we store set, props and costume whenever we can, so we can reuse and repurpose as we go. We hire, lend and give away to other theatres to reduce the need to buy new. We build flexible, versatile sets that can be used again in different ways.

We have created a hierarchy for building and sourcing set and props. First of all we look at what we have in stock, and if we don’t have the items we need, we look to borrow or hire them, and if that doesn’t work then we look to buy locally, and if we can’t find any other solution then we buy online.

We have also said no to some items – we only use biodegradable glitter, snow and confetti and will not use single-use plastics unless one item lasts the run, and we never use helium or balloons on stage or in the rehearsal room.

For more information download the full guidance document and our Sustainability Action Plan for April 2020 - March 2021.

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