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Performer with binoculars in school hall
Credit: Photo taken at Anson Primary School by Alicia Clarke

We were thrilled to visit 20 primary schools in London between 7 June and 9 July 2021 with our new show Marvin's Binoculars.

The show was created and the tour organised under strict COVID-19 restrictions whilst our building was closed. It was so rewarding to be able to perform to over 3,200 school pupils and we're grateful to every school who worked with us to make the tour a success.

The Unicorn was founded as a touring theatre company in 1947, so we were delighted to return to our roots by hitting the road in a tour van. However this time, the van was fully electric! Thank you to E Vision Electric Vehicles for supporting our ongoing Green mission.

Female actor in play holding painting of a bird

The children were so enthused and LOVED the performance! They were absolutely captivated during the show.


Marvin's Binoculars tells the story of a young boy who loves exploring the parks around his home in London and finding birds, bugs and animals. But on his ninth birthday, he loses his pro binoculars and must face the intimidating park warden to get them back.

Gently touching on themes of racial prejudice, friendship and self-belief, Marvin's Binoculars is a highly engaging show that inspires children to explore the outdoors in their local green spaces.

A ★★★★★ (A Younger Theatre) digital version of the show was available online until 8 August 2021, suitable for ages 6 - 10 or School Years 2 - 5.

It linked to our science topic this term and also felt like an opportunity that couldn't be missed! It's been so long since the children have seen a live performance and they were mesmerized.


Performance at Anson Primary School. Credit: Alicia Clarke
Company members Georgia and Simon in our electric tour van Credit: Photo by Alicia Clarke.

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