About our events

At the Unicorn it is our fundamental belief that access to arts and culture is a right, not a privilege, and that all children deserve these experiences, regardless of their circumstance.

We engage with schools, along with young people, parents and wider community organisations, to develop our work and activity.

We have plenty of chances throughout the school year for trips to see our shows, which we create to challenge, motivate and inspire children.

Alongside our programme, we offer show specific free teacher CPDs, subsidised tickets, opportunities to join our Teacher’s Forum, online performances and high quality interactive digital resources.

If you'd like a chat about any aspect of our programme, or make a booking please contact Frey at schools@unicorntheatre.com

I absolutely love what the Unicorn does for our school - it is engaging, motivating and inspiring in equal measure!



  1. For school years 3 and up


    Weston Theatre
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  2. Suitable for Nursery to Year 2

    Christmas in the Sunshine

    Clore Theatre
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  3. For Nursery - Year 3

    Anansi The Spider

    Weston Theatre
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